29 November 2008

The "Wednesday Before Thanksgiving" Holiday

Every year since going away to college, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving becomes a mini-high school reunion. Everyone gathers in bars throughout Hunterdon County (HC) to check out fellow former classmates from our high school days. Members of clicks cross invisible lines, buying each other drinks and labeling others as potential future hookups. This year was epic. Hayley and I walked into our favorite HC bar, Burns (which is actually now under new ownership and called Mrs. Rileys, but it will always be Burns to us) and it was packed with high school oldies. There was a band playing (they were actually okay) and we were forced to show ID, which is something I haven’t had to at Burns…ever. I immediately ran into my old friend, Laura, and her boyfriend, Ian. She introduced (to people we never met) and re-introduced (to those I haven’t seen in 8 years) us to Ian’s group of friends. Hayley and I were probably the only people in that bar that haven’t been there since last Wednesday Before Thanksgiving – this gave us an edge. We were new and mysterious. More people my age where there than Hayley’s (she is two years younger than me), but I am a brunette now, and am 15 pounds thinner than last year, although about 50 pounds heavier since my senior year at good ol’ Voorhees High school (where I weighed an anorexic 80 pounds) – so we were the “new” girls. Or at least it felt like that to us. After an evening of harmless flirting, one too many G&Ts and a fair about of ignoring those we hated in high school, Hayley and I called my bro for a ride home, where we passed out, totally aware of how awesome we are!

Me and Laura

Me and Hayley, my best friend since the day she was born (May 3, 1985, two years and 10 days after I was born)

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