31 March 2009

Did you know?

David, from The Geek Whisperer, posted a video that Jackie sent around via e-mail yesterday afternoon. I have seen similar videos before and they always seem to surprise and excite me. Check it out here...

24 March 2009

Newest obsession

For us city girls, running from the subway to Starbucks to work to lunch to the gym in what seems like a monsoon is commonplace and something with which we must quickly learn to deal. While tiny, fashionable umbrellas are easy to find and a staple in most young women's totes and hobos, galoshes, even the Burberry and Coach designs, are still monstrous, hard to carry and leave something to be desired. But Shuella is making unglamorous and bulky galoshes something of the past. This company makes thin, waterproof galoshes that slip over your shoes to keep this season's Prada wedge safe from rain and subway scum.

Visit http://www.shuella.com to purchase a pair of these inexpensive (they are currently on sale for $35) and compact shoe umbrellas.

20 March 2009

Newest obsession

How unbelievably awesome are these tights? They are not quite fishnets and not quite tights. I got them on sale for $10 at www.urbanoutfitters.com and paired them with a red shift dress, black vest and long chain necklace.

19 March 2009

Real Housewives of NJ??

Thanks to a tip from my friend Laur, I found out that the next season of the addictive and trashy (hellooo Real Housewives of Atlanta) reality show series "The Real Housewives of..." on Bravo is set in... NEW JERSEY! I am so excited for the premiere, which occurs on Tuesday May 12 at 11 PM ET. There is a special sneak peak on Tuesday April 7 at 11 PM ET. The description cracks me up... "The hair is big, but the drama is bigger in the newest installment of the "Real Housewives" franchise, The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

For me, the Real Housewives of Orange County is and always will be the best. The New York season is ok so far. The Countess Luann is pretty entertaining with her high-and-mighty routine. The Atlanta season was like a joke. Kim and all the other ladies were so pitiful, even in comparison to the other seasons which display materialism and pettiness at their best. I watch the marathons while at the gym and I am so excited to see my home state in all its glory!

18 March 2009

A bad week: Natasha Richardson still in critical condition

Can you believe that Natasha Richardson might die? While her medical status has yet to be confirmed, reports are surfacing that Ms. Richardson is brain dead from a seemingly minor ski accident where she appeared fine immediately after falling. She is currently in Lenox Hill Hospital (which is directly across from my UES subway stop at 77th Street and Lexington Avenue). I hope she pulls through, but the more I read, the less hopeful I am.

Update: Ms. Richardson died this evening in Manhattan. Her tragic death was a huge shock for friends and family.

A tribute to Fred

Hayley and I go way back. So far back, actually, that I think Hayley has spent about 12 hours of her life not knowing me. She was born two years and 10 days after I was, and, as my parents were best friends with her parents, I met her before she even turned one-day-old. Hayley and I grew up next door to each other and were best friends from the moment we met. And when her mother and my mother gave birth to boys only six weeks apart, Tyler is Hayley’s little bro and Brett is mine, we were thrilled to add them to our ever growing mob of upper-High Bridge children.

In the 1980's, Hayley’s Nana and Papa (High Bridgeans Jackie and Steve) opened an ice cream parlor, which was later expanded into a diner-like restaurant, in our tiny town about two miles from our homes. I can’t remember NOT eating ice cream from Gronsky’s Milkhouse. As soon as we each turned 14, Hayley and I began working at the Milkhouse. As official Gronsky Girls, we scooped hundreds of ice cream cones for little league ball-players from the ball parks down the street, families of four and families of 10, local teenage hooligans and even a Madonna-look-alike.

Additionally, when we entered high school, we waitressed in the restaurant every Sunday morning. Each week, we alternated being “head waitress,” who would have to come in at 6:00 a.m., and “assistant waitress,” who arrived an hour and half later. Every Sunday morning, she or I would arrive at the Milkhouse at 6:00 a.m. to find her Nana and Papa already there, warming up the grill, making the first batches of coffee, organizing newspapers and cooking the famous Gronsky home fries. And Every Sunday morning, when we pushed the squeaky door open, Hayley and I would see Fred the truck driver/meat man/bus driver sitting at the end of the counter with baseball cap on his head and a mug of hot coffee in between his hands. Fred was an awesome guy and was one of the few older men we actually liked. He would chat with us all morning as we put out milk for coffee, refilled the sugar packets and helped Jackie cook before the cook, her son Todd, took his place behind the griddle. Fred always remembered what you talked about the week before and would follow up on our stories and tales of being high schoolers and, later on, college students. He was an early morning fixture in the Milkhouse and both Hayley and I found comfort in his presence and the easy conversations we held. Fred was also one of the only Gronsky’s Milkhouse patrons to never mix up me and Hayley (apparently, we look like twins) so he got extra respect from us.

Fred died early this morning. He had a heart attack while driving a dump truck and crashed into the side of a building in Flemington, N.J. Needless to say, Gronsky patrons are mourning his death, as are Hayley and I. Actually, we are more than a little upset. He will be missed, especially by his fellow Gronsky customers and employees. Rest in peace, Fred.

Rest in Peace

This morning I got some very sad news. One of my favorite customers at my family's restaurant, Gronsky's Milkhouse, passed away his morning. He had a heart attack while driving a dump truck and crashed. I just saw him this Sunday when I was in New Jersey visitng my family. We all called him Fred the Meat Man because, well, he sold meat. It is not an overly imaginative name, but we give little nicknames to people because we often do not recognize or remember last names and its so much easier to subscribe descriptive monikers. Anyway, Fred was such a nice man. He would always ask about everything going on in my life and he would be so happy about everyones accomplishments. I will miss him a lot and will be dissapointed that he will not be there when I return home.

In other sad news (sorry to be such a downer today - I will try to post something fun later), my uncle Todd's beloved dog Winston passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was a very loving, friendly, and cute dog. His friend Bradford, who is pictured in the photo below with Winston (with the dark brown fur), misses him alot. I hope everyone else's day is not as depressing!

17 March 2009

Summer pressures = healthy improvements

In exactly two months, Jackie and I will be rappelling down waterfalls, scaling up a volcano and kayaking through mangroves in beautiful Costa Rica. And month after our Costa Rican adventure, we will be sunning ourselves like iguanas on rocks in the Hamptons. These summer activities are synonymous with skimpy clothes and bathing suits, which is enough of a motivating factor for any woman to want to lose a few pounds.

It is with this in mind that I registered for Self Magazine's 2009 Self Challenge. This program allows you to track your eating habits and workouts online for free. There are also tools and resources to help you lose those L-Bs and tighten those abs and gluts. While my vegetarian and active lifestyle is generally very healthy, I've recently accumulated a few extra pounds on my 5' 3" frame and would love to get rid of them ASAP. The food and exercise logs are key for me as they allow myself to really examine what I eat and how efficient my activities are in burning those kcals. I've only been enrolled in the Self Challenge for a week, and I am already making minor changes to my lifestyle. For example, I have recently added more strength training to my workouts and I have started eating more during the day and less in the evening. I'll keep you updated on my progress and will let you know when (positive thinking here!) I reach my goal (drop a dress size/lose 5-7 pounds).

15 March 2009

Marc Jacobs bags rock my world

A yeah, like the cheese reader forwarded me a link to this divine Marc by Marc Jacobs bag! The color is perfect for spring and summer and the adjustable strap lets you change your look quickly and easily. You can get this bag, and many other gorgeous Marc bags, at luxury department stores, think Neiman Marcus, Barney's and Saks, or Marc Jacobs retail stores.

P.S. Keep the links and fashion suggestions coming!

14 March 2009

Britney's Circus

Last night, Hayley and I (with my mother and her uncle) attended the Britney concert at the Prudential Center in Newark. The show was, in a word, AWESOME! Britney looked fantastic, her dance moves were classic Britney, as were her costumes. It took her a few songs to get used to being on stage - she looked and acted very nervous in the beginning - but she quickly became comfortable and really got into the show. My mom took a lot of video and here are a few for your viewing pleasure...

Perez Hilton filmed an introduction, which played before Britney's first song, "Circus:"

Britney getting "In the Zone:"

One of my favorite songs, "Everytime:"

"Slave for You" was so hot:

And she closed with "Womanizer:"

Thanks, mom, for taking so many great videos!

The concert was worth every penny of the $500 my mom and I paid for tickets! And if you think that was a lot, the girl sitting next to me flew all the way from Melbourne, Australia just to attend the concert! Crazy? Maybe a bit extreme, but I'd probably do the same thing.

13 March 2009

She Rocks

A new favorite!

I'm moving to California!

Okay, so I'm not, really, moving to California. However, after reading this article, I am tempted to pick up and move to, what I think is, the nation's strangest state.

Democratic State Assembly member Tom Ammiano thinks mariguana could be the answer to California's economic misery. According to the article, "Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy?," Ammiano introduced legislation that would legalize pot and allow the state to regulate and tax its sale. Pot is California's biggest cash crop, responsible for $14 billion in annual sales. The state's tax collectors estimate the bill would bring in about $1.3 billion in revenue each year.

Will marijuana actually be legalized in California? I highly doubt it will happen this time around. But one can only hope. That state is a financial disaster.

Jersey and music and shopping, oh my!

This week has been full of events we just couldn’t seem to say “No” to.

Let’s start with Saturday…
Hoboken’s official St. Patty’s Day parade and bar crawl. We met up with a couple of Jackie’s high school friends and roamed around the streets of Hoboken before deciding to pay the ridiculous $20 cover charge for Hennessy’s Public House, an Irish bar near the PATH train station. We danced around for about an hour, bought a $6 Bud Light (in a green bottle, of course), and caught a free t-shirt some ancient bartender threw into the crowd. When you do the calculation, we really each paid $26 for ONE beer. Yea, I know, it’s pretty silly—but we had to experience a Hoboken bar during the city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

After finishing our overpriced beer, we went a few parties along Washington Street, Hoboken’s main drag. At one party, where we met up with Brie’s friend from grad school, we hung out on the balcony that overlooked Washington, hooted and hollered at some bag pipers and got them to serenade us with their Irish tunes. Not only did they put on an impromptu performance for those of us on the balcony and 800 block of Washington, but, per our request, they entered the party (at which we only knew two people, who didn’t even live there), formed a circle in the living room and played for the entire party!

Furthermore, we were probably the only two people in all of Hoboken who stayed sober that day. We walked around, enjoyed the 60 degree weather, had lunch at Pita Grill (which we highly recommend) did a little shopping, and ate some delicious Tasti D-lite (with rainbow sprinkles of course!). Yes, we were berated by some of our friends for not pounding down the lager, but it was worth it to remain in a sober state.

Because of the drunk antics of 99.9% of Hoboken’s crowd this “St. Patty’s Day,” next year’s parade/festivities might be cancelled. Supposedly, a girl and a guy were having sex in a window as the parade went by and some jerk spit in a fireman’s face! That’s classy Hobokenites. However, we had quite the time experiencing Hoboken sober and chatting about the ridiculousness which occurred all around us.

And Sunday:
David (the Geek Whisperer) and the two of us spent a lovely Sunday afternoon wandering around Midtown and planning for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica. We munched on fruit and David sipped on a chocolate shake from the Shake Shack, while spreading out our Costa information in Madison Square Park and chatting about our possible itinerary. That evening, the three of us met up with Dan, someone Jackie knows from high school, for a diner dinner before heading to a Southside Johnny concert at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill.
The show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. David said that it was the most fun at a concert he ever had and we might have to agree! The two of us are used to being the only peeps rocking out and dancing around during live musical performances, but this wasn’t the case at B.B. Kings. The dance floor was filled with Southside Johnny lovers, all of them dancing and singing along to his awesome tunes. We were, by far, the youngest people there (most of the other concert goers were old enough to be our parents and grandparents), but we didn’t feel like we stood out at all.

The performance was killer, but the encore was even better! Steven Van Zandt (Little Steven) of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band (and founding member of the Asbury Jukes in the mid-70’s) joined Johnny on stage and the two had an impromptu jam sesh. Johnny has an amazing stage presence and really engages the audience, often taking requests and chatting with fans in between songs.

We should also mention that B.B. King Blues Club & Grill is a superb venue. It’s small and intimate with great acoustics and a rad line-up of performances, including a weekly Saturday “Beatles Brunch” which we are dying to attend!

Can’t forget about Wednesday’s Girls Night Out:
On Wednesday night, we left our (non-existent) boys at home to attend Shecky’s Girls Night Out, a giant sample sale with nearly 100 vendors! It was heaven. The tickets are free to www.sheckys.com visitors, or you can pay $30 and get a goodie bag filled with $100 worth of swag. Needless to say, we obviously had to get the goodie bag!

We spent nearly four hours wandering around Terminal Shops, visiting vendors, sipping on free cocktails, snacking on chocolate fondue, and rummaging through unique jewelry and clothes. We spent a bit of money (we are two girls who love fashion), but we got some killer jewelry, dresses (never anything we can wear to work—we are also two girls who love to play!), and unique Indian tunics (incredibly beautiful!). Below are pictures of some of the amazing things we purchased and links to the websites.
Get this dress, and many others, at www.vfishdesigns.com.
More Indian tunics for sale at www.lishkarausa.com. They will fit each piece to your body, and, if you are in the NYC-area, will hand deliver to your home.

Jackie and Brie

Sad news

Just kidding! There is nothing sad about tonight's BRITNEY CONCERT!

12 March 2009

If U Seek Amy

NEW video from Britney! Her new controversial song now has a new controversial video! Can't wait to see her TOMORROW.

P.S. Will be posting more soon. Have been extremely busy with school/work/job searching.

11 March 2009

Newest obsessions

I just received the ultimate compliment. A co-worker came up to me and simply said, "I want your closet. Can I visit you and just look at your clothes and shoes?" Today is a great day.

Just in case you are interested, some of my newest purchases include the following lovely pieces from Urban Outfitters:

The Mexican army is not a'head' of the drug game

Five human heads were found yesterday in ice chests left beside a road near Guadalajara, Mexico. They appear to be the latest indication of drug cartels fighting for supremacy in the Central Mexican state of Jalisco.
To make matters worse, the Mexican army, which has taken a lead role in attempting to thwart narcotraffickers, is hurting; nearly 150,000 soldiers have deserted the army in the last six years. The deserters left their post in search of higher paid jobs.

Why can't we all just get along?

10 March 2009


While wondering the streets of NYC during my extremely late lunch break today, I happened to walk through hundreds of pro-Tibetan protesters. With slogans such as “U-N-O we want justice, “Tibet 50 years of resistance,” “China out of Tibet now!” ringing loud in the air, the protesters marched through the city streets, a majority wearing t-shirts saying “Tibet 50 years of occupations, genocide, agony” and carrying Tibetan flags. A majority among them began a fast for 50 hours, 50 minutes and 50 seconds to mark the completion of a half-century of the Tibetan uprising against China.

Today, March 10, marks the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising of 1959, which sent the His Holiness the Dalai Lama into exile. It also marks one year since protests swept across the Tibetan plateau in 2008, prompting a brutal crackdown.

Tibet was an ancient country with unique culture, history, and identity when it was invaded by the People’s Liberation Army half a century ago. Tibet has changed dramatically since. The invasion not only claimed more than 86,000 lives, cost its people the freedom to practice their culture, religion, and language, but has also seen Tibetan culture eradicated completely.

In September 2006, my alma mater hosted His Holiness himself as part of the Distinguished Speakers Series. UB designated one full day as a “special day of learning” and regular classes were suspended, allowing students and faculty to participate in learning opportunities and take advantage of the free tickets to his speech. As a focus for his visit, he chose the theme “Promoting peace across boarders through education,” which has been one of his own personal missions in life. The Dalai Lama had an unmistakable aura about him, an impression one gets of great serenity and good will. He is also utterly simple, a man of great warmth, and good humor—I must say His Holiness is quite the funny man (with a great laugh).

The Dalai Lama has devoted his life to the defense of human rights and the promotion of peace and mutual understanding among the peoples and counties of the world. He travels extensively, seeking to advance the causes of peace, human rights, and religious understanding.

In a statement made today, the Holiness himself stated, “Our aspiration that all Tibetans be brought under a single autonomous administration is in keeping with the very objective of the principle of national regional autonomy. It also fulfils the fundamental requirements of the Tibetan and Chinese peoples.”

He also stated, "I always say that we should hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Whether we look at it from the global perspective or in the context of events in China, there are reasons for us to hope for a quick resolution of the issue of Tibet. However, we must also prepare ourselves in case the Tibetan struggle goes on for a long time. For this, we must focus primarily on the education of our children and the nurturing of professionals in vatious fiends. We should also raise awareness about the environments and health, and improve understanding and practice of non-violent methods among the general Tibetan population."

I applaud His Holiness for his culmination of an effort over years to reduce the ignorance and intolerance that divide nations and people.

09 March 2009

Boat made of plastic bottles

You would have to be crazy to want to sail a catamaran across the Pacific Ocean. But that is exactly what adventurer and environmental activist, David de Rothschild, is going to do in April...and in a boat made of recycled plastic bottles. Except for the metal masts, everything on the 60-foot vessel is made from recycled plastic. The boat, named the Plastiki, is expected to leave from San Francisco, stop in Hawaii, Tuvalu and Fiji and finally dock in Sydney more than 100 after leaving the U.S.

05 March 2009

The Michael Kors bag that saved my life

Isn't this Rebecca Minkoff oversized clutch just about the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? And it has a chain strap which you can use if you're tired of clutching the clutch. I'm in love.

Also, I am seriously beginning to think that I need to:
a) Win the lottery
b) Get a higher paid job
c) Move to a borough where the rents are cheaper
d) Marry/Find a rich man to subsidize my serious addiction to expensive handbags. Did you see that in my previous post I did not include a handbag in my bargain look? That's because I'm a handbag snob. I rarely buy cheap bags, it's just my thing. Cheap shoes...bring them on! Inexpensive jewelry...I don't even want a natural diamond engagment ring, bring on the lab-created rock. Bargain accessories...that's what street vendors are for. But cheap handbags...well, they make me so sad.

Let me tell you a little story...

Last year, around this time, I was broke. I was attending graduate school full-time and was paid a living stipend, which, frankly, was not nearly enough to keep me outfitted in that year's trends. With some strict budgeting, I was just about able to keep myself from drowning in debt. Near the end of the winter, I saw this beautiful Michael Kors bag in Marshalls. I wanted that bag more than anything in the entire world. I couldn't sleep at night because I spent hours trying to find a way to buy this bag.

I told my dearest mother about the new love of my life and we visited it one day. I picked it off the shelf and just carried it around the store for hours until I had to place it back in its temporary home. The next day, my mother called me and said she had a surprise. I just knew it was that bag, I just knew it! But it wasn't. It was some ugly, black, functional, fake-leather bag that was a fraction of the cost. I cried non-stop all weekend. My boyfriend at the time (who I lived with) and my work friends thought I was crazy, but, you see, it wasn't just about not having that bag. It was what that bag represented. The ugly, black, functional, fake-leather bag was about settling for something less than ideal, something I didn't really want. I carried the ugly, black, functional, fake-leather bag for a week. It was the worst week of my life. I felt defeated and ugly, just like that stupid bag. My mood was the bleakest it had ever been, and I seriously contemplated lying down on the NJ Transit train tracks, or at least throwing the bag in front of a moving train.

My lovely mother picked up on my dwindling will to live and bought me the Michael Kors tote a few weeks later. I had never been so happy in my entire life.

Fashion and Wal-Mart do mix

If you read any popular newspapers (or their corresponding websites) I'm sure you know by now that retail sales are sliding for stores across the country, everywhere but at Wal-Mart. I have been boycotting Wal-Mart for the best few years, mostly because I hate the retail giant for being awful to its employees and the world community in general. However, just because I'm not a Wal-Mart shopper, doesn't mean I can't do some research to benefit those of you in search for inexpensive, yet stylish clothes and accessories. Yes, Wal-Mart does have some pretty decent options for the budget-consious fashionistas out there. I mean, if it's good enough for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (who have a children's clothing and accessories line here), the it's good enough for all of you! Here's a look I threw together quickly, to illustrate Wal-Mart's possibilities.

Cute, right? And you can get all this for less than $100! Just because we are all anxious about the economy, doesn't mean our style has to suffer. Just be on the lookout for deals elsewhere and be creative with what shoes you pair with what dress. Now's the time to take some chances and mix it up.

04 March 2009

Just because...

...Hayley and I are going to see Britney's Circus in nine days!
Her slammin' body is back, as are her outrageous costumes and dance moves. Can't wait!

Photographs courtesy of www.people.com.

Newest obsession

These Jeffrey Campbell 'Dakota' boots in whiskey might just be my newest obsession. They are short enough to not be a problem for my big calves (the result of years of dancing) and the perfect color for spring.

03 March 2009

Mayor Bloomberg is a sarcastic SOB

A quote from our lovely mayor regarding parents who complained about yesterday's Snow Day:

“If you got up this morning, looked outside and the question didn’t come to you right away, hmm, I wonder whether or not school is going to be open today, and you didn’t know enough to call 311, I would suggest another day in school’s probably a good idea,” he said. “I mean, c’mon.”
- Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg Picture from www.nytimes.com.

Lil Miss Social Butterfly

As Brie mentioned, I was the “social butterfly” this weekend.

Friday night I went to happy hour with some of my new coworkers. We went to the Watering Hole on 19th St btwn Park and Irving. The crowd was a little ehhh, however, they serve free unlimited French fries and wings during happy hour! They also have karaoke! So of course I got up there and sang my usual, “Love Shack.” And I rocked (not really! But at least I had fun!!)

Saturday morning I had brunch with the dude in Murray Hill. The place was quaint, and the food amazing! I had pancakes with a mound of fresh fruit on top! Incredible. They also served us a basket of assorted, amazing bread. I was in heaven (I hate to admit it but I LOVE carbs!)

After, I met up with Brie and Hayley in Union Square to do some shopping. And of course I fell in love. With yet another pair of beautiful shoes, so I HAD to get them! They are v. tall Calvin Klein pumps with an almond toe, with a stacked wooden heel with koi fish scales. They very sophisticated silhouette with a look that is unique and natural. (Let’s not kid ourselves, I gave myself the excuse that I can wear them to work and out on the town). Aren’t they beautiful??!!

Brie is absolutely correct—Bubble Lounge is the perfect place for some sexy GNO, but I would leave it at that. The place was cute with an ok atmosphere, but I wouldn’t spend all night there.

After grabbing a drink with those 2 beautiful blondes, I headed to PS450 on Park Ave South between 30th and 31st St. The bar was way to crowded for my liking, and I had to wait in line to get in. That is a no-go on my list. However, I sucked it up and waited because it was a friends 30th bday celebration and another friends last minute happy engagement (they got engaged the previous night!). My friends and I danced around to alright music, but were bumped and prodded and elbowed in the process. We tried to keep a smile on our face, but that didn’t last long.

Overall my weekend was good. Met up with some amazing friends, had some good food and drinks along the way. And wore a cute new dress and shoes (always a plus!)

The Sassy Kathy is engaged!

My good friend and fellow blogger, Kathryn (a.k.a. Sassy Kathy), got engaged last weekend! Congratulations Kathryn and Jared!

Our sexy night at Bubble Lounge

Hayley Anne spent last weekend with me in the Big Apple. Our itinerary included dinner at Prohibition, an inexpensive yet tasty brunch with my sorority sisters at Zucchero e Pomodori on Second Avenue and 75th Street, a run in Central Park, shopping in Union Square and drinks with Jackie at Bubble Lounge in Tribeca. Look how cute we are (although I still kind of look like a sick person, as I was sick all week with the flu):
Anyway, we spent a few sexy hours in Bubble Lounge, the chic and trendy champagne bar in Tribeca. Unsurprisingly, drinks were expensive, but worth it. Jackie and I ordered a glass of the Phillipe PriƩ Brut for $15 and Hayley had a glass of white wine. Jackie left early as our little social butterfly had another party to attend, but Hayley and I ordered another round of drinks, the complicated kind this time, and a panini*, which was absolutely delish. After munching on our sandwich and downing our complicated drinks, a London Fog for Hayley and Raspberry Caipirinha for me, we headed out into the cold New York night in search of some good dance music (Britney, of course). If you're in the need for a sexy GNO (girls' night out) and don't mind spending some hard-earned cash, Bubble Lounge is a good option. Just be prepared to have a minor heart attack when scanning the champagne menu, as there is a $4,000 bottle listed, the Ruinart "L'Exclusive" Christophle 2000.

*I think we were the only women in the entire bar who ate something. "Normal" Manhattan women seem to exist only on wine and black coffee.

02 March 2009

Newest obsessions

With spring just around the corner and buried under only a few inches of easily meltable snow, I am starting to crush on new items for my apartment that will brighten up my tiny home and bring the spring indoors. Some of my newest obsessions include:
This new duvet from Pottery Barn...
These wall flowers from Urban Outfitters...
My favorite owl lamp from Anthropologie...
If only I had access to unlimited quantities of cash. Sigh. I guess I will have to do with opening my windows and letting the fresh spring air fill my haven.