29 October 2009

Newest Obsession

To those of you who know me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as I divulge my one kitschy obsession to be owls. Perhaps this fixation with all things hoot-tastic began in 2002, when, while recovering from de-wisdom-teething my mouth, I picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and fell in love with his winged friend, Hedwig. Portrayed in Rowling’s books as undeniably intelligent and as loyal as the family retriever, owls have become designers’ best friend. Their feathery images are slapped on everything from notebook covers (hello Vera Bradley) to mini-dresses (French Connection, you know I’m talking about you). Betsey Johnson has been using the wise owl to inspire her funky jewelry for at least three years; I own a long, gold and black necklace with a large own pendant sporting googley eyes and recently purchased owl earrings from my favorite sample sale website, RueLaLa (thanks Sherry!). Marc Jacobs even created a small purse shaped like these pellet-creating birds. Home designers are also using owl images to inspire some of their designs. From owl-shaped lamps to jewelry trees sporting the outline of an owl, it seems like everyone is wising up and falling in love with these nocturnal birds of prey.

28 October 2009

A very noticeable difference

Dear Readers,

When you first met me, more than a year ago, I was different than I am today. Perhaps the most noticeable (besides an extra 5 pounds that have taken up residence in my boobs, face and belly) was the gradual disappearance of bangs.

September 2008: Blonde bangs are going strong

Mid 2009: Slowly disappearing

After much consideration, I have decided that the bangs must return...

October 2009: And they're back!


14 October 2009

Scare of the week

With a diet comprising primarily fruits, vegetables, soymilk, Cheerios, whole wheat bread and hummus, it’s no wonder I like to indulge in candy corn, dark chocolate Hershey Kisses and Tasti-d-lite on occasion. While I beat myself up after devouring a fro-yo, I know that things could worse. A lot worse.

Take, for example, the blog This is Why You’re Fat. Its title and tagline (Where dreams become heart attacks) say it all, and its submissions are simply shocking. Snacking on a Strudel Circus Stack may sound like a delicious way to spend 10 minutes of your day, but just think of what “Nutella and strawberry jam sandwiched between two Toaster Strudel Pastries topped with icing, cherry pie filling, whipped cream, sprinkles and a drizzle of honey” can do to your arteries. That’s right – clog them.

If ordering the Fat Bastard Burger with triple beef, triple bacon, triple cheese and caramelized onions sounds like a dandy idea at first, just remember who it’s named after. Yup, this guy:

Please people, be good to your body and it will be good to you. Next time you see something called The Widowmaker on a menu, for the love of God, keep on browsing. One and a half pounds of ground beef, one package of bacon, one package of Italian sausage, a box of hot pockets, and a half of a package of fried onion strips between two pepperoni pizzas topped with Velveeta cheese and marinara sauce may wind up costing your other half 10 grand in funeral costs.

12 October 2009

A Penn State Weekend

I spent my weekend with my sorority sisters at our lovely alma mater, Penn State. One sister flew in from California for the weekend. Another came from Florida. One Pi drove up from a Philadelphia suburb. A Texan flew up and a Connecticutian picked up Cali and I from my apartment in Manhattan. Four of us stayed at my 21-year-old brother's house, a few blocks from campus. Needless to say, insanity ensued when my group of nine met up with my brother and his friends for a weekend of football, debauchery, school spirit, Table Wars at The Phyrst, a giant co-ed sleepover, scary movie night, Pokey Sticks, and tailgating.

Beaver Stadium is one of my favorite places on Earth. Look how beautiful it is:

This picture of tailgaters outside the stadium doesn't do the art of tailgating justice:

Lollipops cure everything - even hangovers and car sickness:

I don't know what I would without these girls. Thanks for an awesome weekend, kids. Miss you all already! You too, brother! WE ARE!

08 October 2009

Hello web-world: I'm back in the blog scene

After many months of blogging silence, I have decided to emerge. Liken my re-entrance to the online world to the birth of a vampire, waking up after three days of transformation...

Okay, that sounds crazy. Nothing particularly transformative has happened since May, at least nothing as drastic and vampiric as what I just wrote, but in a way my step back into the bloglight (yes, that is a bad pun on "spotlight") can count as a step in the right direction after months of aimless wandering and borderline bad decisions. This will all be explained in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, I'd like to share with you these amazing sunglasses:

Seeing these glasses prompted me to actually start blogging again...today. I have been storing up post subjects for weeks now, but nothing lit that fire under my Victoria's Secret clad ass like these glasses. They are hipster-chic, yet sophisticated and I fell in love with them.

Further pushing me to share my fashion ideas and New York city adventures were these shoes:

I saw them in a store window while walking up Madison Avenue last night with my dear friend Stephanie (we strolled from Bowery and Houston to my apartment on 88th and First). How someone can love wooden sunglasses AND Swarovski crystal encrusted pumps at the same time, is a mystery to me. And I am the person that loves them both.

Anyway, join me again, dear friends and fellow bloggers, in my search for the perfect outfit, New York City adventures, my future husband, and, in a very big way, myself.