24 April 2009


Van Damme It's Friday!

23 April 2009

Bob and James breakin' it down

For the tap-enthusiasts in us all:

17 April 2009

I'm famous!

Okay, I'm not really famous, but I am in the most recent edition of New York Magazine! I went to a photo shoot for New York newbies at Chelsea Piers a few weeks ago. The feature story, called "Arrivals" interviewed 160 people who followed their dream to move to New York - I was one of them. Here is a photograph of the shoot, which was fully of energy, excitement, camaraderie and hope, that I couldn't help but leave feeling recharged and more in love with the city. While there, I spoke with some amazing people. I chatted for nearly an hour with one couple, a music duo who, after traveling the country for 15 years, decided to settle in the East Village. They bought their studio apartment a few months ago and are living amid boxes of records and countless instruments, and they love it. A man named David just finished writing a book about Jewish delis, and Brian thought he was just visiting a friend in Brooklyn for a few days; he has been here for four months. My story isn't as glamorous, but still, I'm living the dream.

CNN breaking news?!?

As a way to stay informed about the world's big news stories, I get CNN Breaking News headlines e-mailed to my work e-mail address. Most headlines fed to my brieann.szatkowski@company-Brie-works-for.com address are journalistically considered "breaking news" and about things that could possibly impact my day as a PR/communications professional. However, occasionally I receive e-mails from CNN and just roll my eyes. For example, here is a "breaking news" headline I received at 2:15 a.m. EDT: Just in case the image's text is too small for your eyes - the headline is "Ashton Kutcher is first to reach 1 million Twitter followers in contest with CNN." I understand the whole "social media breakthrough" that is Twitter, but come on. Is Ashton's milestone really something that should be considered "breaking news?" Because he reached the 1 million mark as part of a contest, does this mean he has really accomplished something noteworthy? Was this contest stupid? Discuss.

10 April 2009

And we're officially fans

I love live music. There is nothing that gets me off my ass and on my feet more than a rockin' band, especially if I am familiar with the songs or know one/some of the musicians. While I would not call myself a music snob (I listen to a huge variety of music genres and am an equal opportunity listener), I would also not call myself a "fan" of many bands. I like many bands, but to label myself as a "fan," I have to personally be committed to that band's success, believe in the talent of the members and have a desire to see that band go far. Saying that I am a fan of XYZ band is saying a lot.

With this in mind, I want to officially declare myself a fan of Nine Circles. The Jersey-based band is booking gigs throughout New York and New Jersey, and its calendar is filling up fast.

Last night, Jackie and I headed downtown to Crash Mansion to see our new fave band rock out in the basement venue. After throwing back some shots with bassist Steve Morris, and chatting for a minute with guitarist Tom Spears, Jackie and I assumed our standard position - right next to the stage - and rocked to Nine Circles' tunes. The band's next album comes out on May 19.

The guys:

The girls:

And me:

07 April 2009

Free panini night

Last night, Jackie and I spent a delightful hour at Vero, a restaurant and wine bar on 53rd Street at Second Avenue. A few weeks ago we learned that every Monday night, Vero will feed you for free if you order a cocktail, beer or glass of wine! Always in the mood for wine and desperate for a free meal, Jackie and I followed our source (Shecky's) to the popular midtown bar and were pleasantly surprised. Vero is a cross between an intimate bar and hoppin' restaurant. The clientele reminded us of, well, us - middle class, young New Yorkers. Jackie's "Sexy Sangria" and my glass of Shiraz were delicious and moderately priced ($11 each), but as we were each awarded a free panini with our beverage purchase, we were more than happy to part with less than $15 (including tax and tip). Our pressed sandwiches provided the perfect balance between bread, cheese, vegetables and (in Jackie's case) meat; and they tasted like more.

01 April 2009

Another instance of spontaneous dancing