12 October 2009

A Penn State Weekend

I spent my weekend with my sorority sisters at our lovely alma mater, Penn State. One sister flew in from California for the weekend. Another came from Florida. One Pi drove up from a Philadelphia suburb. A Texan flew up and a Connecticutian picked up Cali and I from my apartment in Manhattan. Four of us stayed at my 21-year-old brother's house, a few blocks from campus. Needless to say, insanity ensued when my group of nine met up with my brother and his friends for a weekend of football, debauchery, school spirit, Table Wars at The Phyrst, a giant co-ed sleepover, scary movie night, Pokey Sticks, and tailgating.

Beaver Stadium is one of my favorite places on Earth. Look how beautiful it is:

This picture of tailgaters outside the stadium doesn't do the art of tailgating justice:

Lollipops cure everything - even hangovers and car sickness:

I don't know what I would without these girls. Thanks for an awesome weekend, kids. Miss you all already! You too, brother! WE ARE!

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