08 October 2009

Hello web-world: I'm back in the blog scene

After many months of blogging silence, I have decided to emerge. Liken my re-entrance to the online world to the birth of a vampire, waking up after three days of transformation...

Okay, that sounds crazy. Nothing particularly transformative has happened since May, at least nothing as drastic and vampiric as what I just wrote, but in a way my step back into the bloglight (yes, that is a bad pun on "spotlight") can count as a step in the right direction after months of aimless wandering and borderline bad decisions. This will all be explained in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, I'd like to share with you these amazing sunglasses:

Seeing these glasses prompted me to actually start blogging again...today. I have been storing up post subjects for weeks now, but nothing lit that fire under my Victoria's Secret clad ass like these glasses. They are hipster-chic, yet sophisticated and I fell in love with them.

Further pushing me to share my fashion ideas and New York city adventures were these shoes:

I saw them in a store window while walking up Madison Avenue last night with my dear friend Stephanie (we strolled from Bowery and Houston to my apartment on 88th and First). How someone can love wooden sunglasses AND Swarovski crystal encrusted pumps at the same time, is a mystery to me. And I am the person that loves them both.

Anyway, join me again, dear friends and fellow bloggers, in my search for the perfect outfit, New York City adventures, my future husband, and, in a very big way, myself.

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