18 March 2009

Rest in Peace

This morning I got some very sad news. One of my favorite customers at my family's restaurant, Gronsky's Milkhouse, passed away his morning. He had a heart attack while driving a dump truck and crashed. I just saw him this Sunday when I was in New Jersey visitng my family. We all called him Fred the Meat Man because, well, he sold meat. It is not an overly imaginative name, but we give little nicknames to people because we often do not recognize or remember last names and its so much easier to subscribe descriptive monikers. Anyway, Fred was such a nice man. He would always ask about everything going on in my life and he would be so happy about everyones accomplishments. I will miss him a lot and will be dissapointed that he will not be there when I return home.

In other sad news (sorry to be such a downer today - I will try to post something fun later), my uncle Todd's beloved dog Winston passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was a very loving, friendly, and cute dog. His friend Bradford, who is pictured in the photo below with Winston (with the dark brown fur), misses him alot. I hope everyone else's day is not as depressing!

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BrieAnn said...

Not a good day, Hay. Not a good day.