03 March 2009

Lil Miss Social Butterfly

As Brie mentioned, I was the “social butterfly” this weekend.

Friday night I went to happy hour with some of my new coworkers. We went to the Watering Hole on 19th St btwn Park and Irving. The crowd was a little ehhh, however, they serve free unlimited French fries and wings during happy hour! They also have karaoke! So of course I got up there and sang my usual, “Love Shack.” And I rocked (not really! But at least I had fun!!)

Saturday morning I had brunch with the dude in Murray Hill. The place was quaint, and the food amazing! I had pancakes with a mound of fresh fruit on top! Incredible. They also served us a basket of assorted, amazing bread. I was in heaven (I hate to admit it but I LOVE carbs!)

After, I met up with Brie and Hayley in Union Square to do some shopping. And of course I fell in love. With yet another pair of beautiful shoes, so I HAD to get them! They are v. tall Calvin Klein pumps with an almond toe, with a stacked wooden heel with koi fish scales. They very sophisticated silhouette with a look that is unique and natural. (Let’s not kid ourselves, I gave myself the excuse that I can wear them to work and out on the town). Aren’t they beautiful??!!

Brie is absolutely correct—Bubble Lounge is the perfect place for some sexy GNO, but I would leave it at that. The place was cute with an ok atmosphere, but I wouldn’t spend all night there.

After grabbing a drink with those 2 beautiful blondes, I headed to PS450 on Park Ave South between 30th and 31st St. The bar was way to crowded for my liking, and I had to wait in line to get in. That is a no-go on my list. However, I sucked it up and waited because it was a friends 30th bday celebration and another friends last minute happy engagement (they got engaged the previous night!). My friends and I danced around to alright music, but were bumped and prodded and elbowed in the process. We tried to keep a smile on our face, but that didn’t last long.

Overall my weekend was good. Met up with some amazing friends, had some good food and drinks along the way. And wore a cute new dress and shoes (always a plus!)

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