03 March 2009

Our sexy night at Bubble Lounge

Hayley Anne spent last weekend with me in the Big Apple. Our itinerary included dinner at Prohibition, an inexpensive yet tasty brunch with my sorority sisters at Zucchero e Pomodori on Second Avenue and 75th Street, a run in Central Park, shopping in Union Square and drinks with Jackie at Bubble Lounge in Tribeca. Look how cute we are (although I still kind of look like a sick person, as I was sick all week with the flu):
Anyway, we spent a few sexy hours in Bubble Lounge, the chic and trendy champagne bar in Tribeca. Unsurprisingly, drinks were expensive, but worth it. Jackie and I ordered a glass of the Phillipe PriƩ Brut for $15 and Hayley had a glass of white wine. Jackie left early as our little social butterfly had another party to attend, but Hayley and I ordered another round of drinks, the complicated kind this time, and a panini*, which was absolutely delish. After munching on our sandwich and downing our complicated drinks, a London Fog for Hayley and Raspberry Caipirinha for me, we headed out into the cold New York night in search of some good dance music (Britney, of course). If you're in the need for a sexy GNO (girls' night out) and don't mind spending some hard-earned cash, Bubble Lounge is a good option. Just be prepared to have a minor heart attack when scanning the champagne menu, as there is a $4,000 bottle listed, the Ruinart "L'Exclusive" Christophle 2000.

*I think we were the only women in the entire bar who ate something. "Normal" Manhattan women seem to exist only on wine and black coffee.

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