24 March 2009

Newest obsession

For us city girls, running from the subway to Starbucks to work to lunch to the gym in what seems like a monsoon is commonplace and something with which we must quickly learn to deal. While tiny, fashionable umbrellas are easy to find and a staple in most young women's totes and hobos, galoshes, even the Burberry and Coach designs, are still monstrous, hard to carry and leave something to be desired. But Shuella is making unglamorous and bulky galoshes something of the past. This company makes thin, waterproof galoshes that slip over your shoes to keep this season's Prada wedge safe from rain and subway scum.

Visit http://www.shuella.com to purchase a pair of these inexpensive (they are currently on sale for $35) and compact shoe umbrellas.

1 comment:

Hayley Anne said...

Love them! I have always wanted boots that are portable. They are so cumbersome to carry around when it stops raining.