01 December 2008

First Celeb Sighting in NYC!

Today I saw my first celebrities since starting my Manhattan-based job.

I was walking along Barclay Street at 8:20 this morning and I noticed all these food trailors and tents set up along the north side of the street. I figured there was a movie shoot or something going on, but didn't really see many people around. I stepped into Starbucks on the corner of Barclay and Broadway and noticed a very good looking man standing in front of me. A young woman was standing next to him; she seemed very jittery and anxious. So we are all waiting in line and who walks up to say "hi" to this man and woman but America Ferrera. Then it hit me - I knew I recognized this man - he is in "Ugly Betty!" I've only seen the show maybe once, but rarely forget a face. So the man (his name happens to be Eric Mabius (I IMDBed "Ugly Betty" when I got to the office to find out his name) and America started chatting. His wife/girlfriend (whatever) is seconds away from going into labor and apparently had quite a false alarm last week. Just FYI - I'm down with the celebrity gossip. I'm just like Perez Hilton. Ha! Yeah right. Well, they talked for a minute or so, then American left and Eric and his PA (I guess that's what she was) ordered. He paid for her drink, too, which was nice of him.

Anyway, even though I don't watch "Ugly Betty" and didn't know this guy's name until I IMDBed the show, it was still cool seeing celebs in real life. Man, I love New York!

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