21 December 2008

A Perfect Weekend in D.C.

Rarely can one claim to have had a nearly perfect weekend. And yet, that is what I had with Hayley in D.C. last weekend. From smooth travel plans, to just the right amount of male attention, good food, great drinks, amazing bargain shopping and a lot of dancing; the weekend was virtually flawless. It’s amazing to me how Hayley and I can still claim to be best friends, despite more than 20 years of a friendship, hours in between our homes and a two-year age difference. She is this solid presence in my life and I can’t image her never being just a phone call away. And so, our weekend began on Friday evening at a non-descript Georgetown bar where we were the only ones brave enough to dance to Britney (I don’t think this place was a “dancing” kind of place, hence us being the only ones cool enough to break the “rules”). Saturday started out with brunch (egg white omelets with spinach and tomatoes, thank you), followed by a trip to Marshalls where we bought each other our Christmas presents (see below of a picture of my new Manhattan-worthy bag) and new outfits for our girls night out, a quick shower and then out for the night. Hayley, Sarah (her roommate and fellow Voorhees High School graduate) and I went to Alexandria for dinner and drinks. We went to this amazing speakeasy called PX. There were no signs for the venue, only a blue light next to a door that reminded me of the door from the Wizard of Oz (re: “Now why didn’t you say so in the first place!”); we couldn’t make reservations, just hope that the bar had three open spots. Well, we got in and it was amazing! The drinks were so fantastic, the mixologist was terrific and the other clientele were cool. We ended our time in Alexandria with dinner at the Chart House, which is on the harbor. Hayley, Sarah and I then traveled back to D.C. to finish up the night dancing at Café Citron on Connecticut Ave., where we later met up with Hayley’s boyfriend, and press secretary to Senator Kaye Bailey Hutchinson, Matt. Despite being called a c**t by some jerk (all because I didn’t need his help getting out of the cab), the evening was great! This morning, Hayley and I woke up, had breakfast at her adorable, Capitol Hill apartment, and headed to the gym for a good work out. All-in-all, the weekend was perfection!

My new bag:

The tree in Union Station was beautiful:

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Hayley said...

SO glad that you could come!! We had an amazing time!