14 December 2009

Show your personality, one charm at a time

Not ready to make a bold statement with your work wardrobe? I found a perfect way to insert your personality into your corporate attire, without being too risky and having the CFO look at you like you're crazy for wearing skinny black pants, five-inch high-heeled booties, a jewel-blue silk t-shirt and boyfriend blazer...

Check out Jami Rodriguez for inexpensive, interesting, yet understated charm necklaces. Yes, Jami can create some outrageous and attention-grabbing accessories, but I am partial to her tiny charm necklaces, some of which incorporate taboo shapes, including skulls and tusks.

Pay tribute to your, ehem, extra-curricular college activities with Jami's Tiny Mushroom Necklace:

Or subtly show your passion for music with her Tiny Boombox Necklace:

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