07 September 2008

South Amboy, N.J.

My dad grew up in South Amboy, N.J. and he works there as a police officer. My mother grew up in the town next to SA, Sayreville. They are Middlesex County kids and they knew they didn't want their kids growing up there. My brother and I were raised in High Bridge, NJ - in the v. rural Hunterdon County.

My mom and I went to the South Amboy Seafood Festival (SASF) today. It was, well, interesting. So South Amboy. By so South Amboy I mean shabby stands and crappy vendors with tons of people walking around paying way too much money for awful clam chowder and ice cream. Anyway, we made fun of the SASF and then visited my Mom-mom, my dad's mother. Here are some pictures of my family - Mom-mom first, then Dad in his uniform, Mom gesturing wildly while telling the story about the time the mouse she got from the pet store to feed our snake got out in the car on the way home and wound up crawling up her neck while she was driving, and me, hardly able to believe how ridiculous my family can be.

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