17 April 2009

I'm famous!

Okay, I'm not really famous, but I am in the most recent edition of New York Magazine! I went to a photo shoot for New York newbies at Chelsea Piers a few weeks ago. The feature story, called "Arrivals" interviewed 160 people who followed their dream to move to New York - I was one of them. Here is a photograph of the shoot, which was fully of energy, excitement, camaraderie and hope, that I couldn't help but leave feeling recharged and more in love with the city. While there, I spoke with some amazing people. I chatted for nearly an hour with one couple, a music duo who, after traveling the country for 15 years, decided to settle in the East Village. They bought their studio apartment a few months ago and are living amid boxes of records and countless instruments, and they love it. A man named David just finished writing a book about Jewish delis, and Brian thought he was just visiting a friend in Brooklyn for a few days; he has been here for four months. My story isn't as glamorous, but still, I'm living the dream.

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24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog! said...

This sounds interesting! Very fashionable emigrants.