08 October 2008

Dreaming of a new home

So I was offered a job at a PR agency in New York! I think I'm going to accept. This is the first step towards my goal of living in Manhattan. Step 2: Find an apartment. My friend, Kathryn (see her blog at www.thesassykathy.com), has willingly agreed to be my faithful roommate - I hope she knows what she's getting into there! Luckily, we are both relatively narcissistic, but not to the point of completely self-obsessed; enjoy the ballet; love great food; pretend to be writers (although, she's actually a great writer); and have semi-serious shopping problems. For example, we haven't even found an apartment yet and are still months away from moving, but I am already furnishing our new home.

I am obsessed with this owl lamp from Anthropologie:

And if I can't get these curtains, I might die:

I have been dreaming of owning a chair like this since I graduated college:

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