28 January 2009

And, I'm over it

Thankfully, I have been feeling better about being a single lady lately because (drum roll please) J has a new girlfriend. And apparently, from what I hear from our mutual friends, his relationship with this new girl is virtually identical to our relationship. Here is the checklist:
- Previously established relationship (as a friend) - Check!
- Complete obsession with each other - Check!
- Jumping in head first and going from 0 to 100 mph in about three minutes - Check!
- Spending nearly every night together - Check!
- She has an adorable name - Check!

I am not sad really. I think finding this out has actually jolted me into reality and I am able to say, "Man, I am over it." Let her deal with his shortcomings and neuroses. I am donzo. Unfortunately, she lives in Manhattan so I hope I don't run into them anywhere. I might throw up on him, mostly because he makes me sick. I mean, he didn't learn did he? That is sickening, to walk away from a relationship and not learn anything? Wow, I mean, I learned a lot and I know I won't make the same mistakes (see bullet points three and four, for example). Whatever. He's finally gone, and I am not sad. Party time!

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