05 January 2009

Making Repeat Mistakes

Would you knowingly make the same mistake twice?

Okay, so we have all had a drunken night out after vowing to never have more than two G&Ts the next time a GNO (girls night out) happens. What I mean is a huge mistake. Like driving drunk, getting into an accident and then doing the same thing three months later. Or jumping back into a relationship you know a)wasn’t good for you, b) left you feeling empty, or c) made you unhappy. Or going on another shopping spree at Barneys even though you know you just spent a month’s salary on travel and shopping.

I spent my daily run thinking about mistakes and whether or not I would willingly make one of my many colossal mistakes again. Some, like dating an ex, I would cave and do again. I’m weak when it comes to people and emotions and I have been told that I forgive much too easily. I’m putty in a lover’s arms, especially in certain cases and with certain people. But others, like becoming anorexic again, I don’t ever think I would ever let happen again.

However, when is it okay to give in to temptation and make a repeat mistake? Is it okay to, say, jump back into Round Two of a relationship if we sincerely think things will be different and if our intentions are pure? And, if we make a mistake again, do we suffer in silence or can we lean on friends…again?

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