15 January 2009

The new love-of-my-life

And so, it has happened again. I have fallen in love.

But this time, instead of falling for a selfish and immature man, my new love is a city. New York, to be exact. Similar to the way I was able to forget all my pains and all the bad stuff whenever I thought of or was with J, New York is quickly becoming a love-of-my-life. Especially in the gorgeous snow, as seen in this picture of City Hall from City Hall Park.

Sometimes I get frustrated with the city. It's annoying to have to squish into a subway car, and sometimes schlepping through the snow and rain seems to be more trouble than it's worth, but then I just think of where I am and where I live, and I am transported to my happy place. New York, it seems, is the place for me.

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