05 January 2009

Rants and Raves

This Rant is my Rave.

Marathon training. It's lovely to be in such great shape. I have muscles where I never had muscles before, and my abs are stronger and more solid that ever before. Not to mention to intense number of calories I burn on each run. Whoa Nelly - two hour training runs rule my life!

And yet, they also suck, so bad. My entire body hurts...All - The - Time. If it's not shin-splints, it's abdominal cramps. If it's not cramps in my abdomen, then it's cramps in my thighs or calves. So while I love the results that are slowly showing from training so hard, it is also taking a giant toll on my body. When is it okay to stop training for a few day? Ever? Do I just continue to push through the pain that literally makes me cry during my daily runs, or do I give in to the pain for a half of a week?

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