30 January 2009

Newest obsessions

I received a Facebook invitation to a short film screening earlier this week from a high school acquaintance. The screening for Ramblin' Round was last night at 11th Street Bar.

1. The movie was fantastic! It was about a man and a woman who decide to leave the city and flee to Maine. It was only about 20 minutes long (hence, short film), but filmed on a 16mm camera and for less than $5,000. My high school friend did the visual effects and everyone else involved in the film volunteered their time and talents.

2. 11th Street Bar is so cool! The screening room is in the back, behind the public bar. It's nicer than the neighborhood dive bar, but friendly and comfortable. Totally my scene. And the clientele consisted of the typical East Villager, yet a bit more put together. Men like this are my weakness.

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