21 January 2009

The talented, the young, the cute...Mr. Radcliffe

Last night, my friend, Jackie, and I went to see Equus. Equus is a story of a stable boy and psychiatrist who seek to understand what provoked the boy to blind six horses, his favorite animal. Daniel Radcliffe (a.k.a. Harry Potter) plays the stable boy, and Richard Griffiths (Harry Potter's uncle), plays the psychiatrist. The play was startling, to say the least. I was emotionally drained afterward. However, not drained enough to NOT brave the 20 degree weather to meet Mr. Radcliffe! And so, Jackie and I waited for 30 minutes after the show to see Daniel and get his autograph. Luckily, he came to our side of the queue first, so we could have a chat and then run off. Here is a picture of Daniel...

He seemed thoroughly overwhelmed, but was chatty. Someone complimented his hat; he complimented her furry hood. A woman commended him for pushing through a cold and said she had one last week; he responded with, "I hope you feel better." Nice kid.

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