05 January 2009

John Travolta's Son Dies

I'm sure you know by now that John Travolta's son, Jett (aged 16), died on Friday, January 2. According to reports, Jett had a developmental disability that his parents linked to Kawasaki disease, an inflammatory disorder of the artery walls that can lead to heart disease. Word in the celebrity blogosphere is that the Scientologists (Mr. and Mrs. Travolta) claimed that the seizure medication he was on for this Kawasaki-linked developmental disorder did not work, so Mr. and Mrs. had him stop treatment. Other reports claim that he had some other disorder, which was not a recognized disease by their religion, so they were not treating him for the condition with which he was actually afflicted. The autopsy is being done today, so we shall see what really happened to poor Jett. On a side note, my best friend, Hayley, had Kawasaki disease when she was four or five years old. She was in the hospital for a week and has no long-lasting negative effects from the disease (thankfully). Call me crazy and biased, but don't weird things happen to those Scientologists???

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Anonymous said...

Yes on the Scientology link - you are so inciteful - drugs are good for the right reason and it sounds like anti-seizure meds are necessary. Yeah Brie!