17 February 2009


Hello “Yeah Like the Cheese” readers! As the newest contributor, let me introduce myself…As Brie mentioned, my name is Jackie, and I am a pharmaceutical copywriter in New York City. This is my first time writing for a blog, and I’m extremely excited and honored that Brie asked me to be a contributor to hers!

Currently, I live in Astoria—and love it! To tell you the truth, I live in the same building that I was raised in, so it was home to me the second I moved back in.

A few of my favorite obsessions are heels (well, really I have a passion for shoes of all kinds), conversation hearts and candy corn, wandering aimlessly around the streets of New York, art museums, music, and obviously—my friends.

I’m a tiny girl with a fierce personality—and by saying fierce, I mean it in a good way! I’m a little preppy, hippy, and punk rock. I love to laugh. I love to travel. I love wine and cheese. I love love. And most of all, I love life.

Brie and I are in the midst of planning our trip to Costa Rica, so I’m sure you will be hearing about that, as well as our many adventures!

Between Brie, Hayley, and myself, I’m sure we will be able to keep you entertained, informed, and amused with our own personal thoughts and experiences of current events, life, and culture in New York City and D.C.