06 February 2009

Waiting for my weekend to begin

I'm at work right now, blogging in between assignments and requests to edit newsletters (which is something I seem to be doing a lot of this week), and I realized that I never really told you all what it is that I do with my life 50 hours each week. Without going into too much detail, I am an internal communications specialist at a financial ratings agency at World Trade Center. This means that I manage the company's intranet website, write newsletters and executive communications, plan employee events and Town Hall meetings, and, well, write and edit more than I'd really care to admit. My job may sound boring to some of you, but I love it. I am constantly chatting with employees and am "in the know" about most publications and events before the rest of the company, which totally rules.

So while I mostly love my job, today I am just ready to get out of here! My cousin, Kris, is coming to New York from Chicago for a meeting. She arrives tomorrow and leaves next Wednesday and I am staying with her at the Waldorf all weekend/next week! As you can image, when you are looking forward to something, the days have been dragging by. Here I am, being impatient and ornery:

At least I look cute today in my white shift dress, black vest, gray pearls, black stockings and black pumps with rockstarish metal studs.

Another great thing about my job is the view. Here is what you see when you look out of windows on the southwest side of the building - the Statue of Liberty is the tiny speck in the background.

I have another hour to go before I can even think about leaving my office. Then the weekend can begin! Stay tuned for some write-ups of a few venues I will be visiting this weekend, including The Bitter End, Bourbon, Libation, the Waldorf Astoria, various shops on Fifth and Madison, and (saving the best for last) the laundromat.

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