05 February 2009

Obsessed List

I am done working for the day and decided to make a list of a few random things that I am currently obsessed with. It changes pretty much everyday, so this captures my very fickle tastes...

I love this furniture! This picture is from the Madison Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C.
I really like the fact that the furniture fits into the pretty traditional style of D.C. with an edge of modernity. The contrast of the white and the dark wood in the chairs in the background kind of gives off a tropical vibe, as do the red palm-tree like print of the foreground chairs and the paneling of the wood on the tables. I would love to decorate like this because it is understated, but still evokes sophistication and exoticism. I love it! And it looks even better in person! Matt (my BF) and I are having dinner at
Palette in the Madison on Valentine's Day. I am excited to have a drink in this gorgeous lobby/lounge.

I am not a huge fan of the Cruise family. Of course, their daughter Suri is super cute, but I do not like that they publicize every minute of their day-to-day activities. That being said, I think Katie looks amazing here. Some people may not like the color combination that she is wearing, but I think that she pulls it off. Her hair and make-up are amazing and I love the details of the dress. It is so hard to find something that is different, but not OTT (over the top - my British relatives use that abreviation, so I think I am "in the know" when I say it). I love the interesting beading on the top and the pattern on the skirt. If I were wearing it, I probably would have gove with a dove gray belt, but she took a chance. I enjoy finding different, but still classy and interesting pieces and Katie has definitely found one here!

I don't know how many of you "twitter", but if you do, make sure you follow me (Hayley_Anne). I do not update as much as I could, but I do enjoy reading other people's updates. It is one of the most useful tools that I have to stay on top of current events. I follow a bunch of news sources and get the latest headlines so that I do not have to constantly go to the websites and search for new updates. Plus it's a great way to keep track of what is going on with your friends. Matt updates his constantly, so you will always know where we are!

That's pretty much it for now... Will keep updating on the current obsessions!

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