18 February 2009

Sunday brunch

This past weekend a couple friends and I decided to go to brunch. While roaming around Astoria, it’s hard not to notice the wide array of restaurants along Broadway as well as 30th ave. We decided on Balu, located on 30th ave and 38th Street, and we LOVED it! It’s only been around for about 8 months and from the looks of it, is going to be around for many to come.

Balu is a restaurant/bar/lounge with a phenomenal atmosphere—very classic yet laid back at the same time. The walls are painted different shades of purple and white. Dark purple curtains hang from the windows, white couches line the outer walls, and light purple silk taffeta drapes the ceiling. The wait staff was incredibly friendly and the food was outstanding. We ate chocolate pancakes, a prosciutto and mozzarella panini on ciabatta bread, and a grilled chicken wrap with avocado, tomatoes, and roasted peppers. Corn bread muffins are served before your meal, as well as an unlimited cup of coffee (and for 3 coffee lovers, we were in heaven!). And best of all—brunch comes with unlimited mimosas, bellinis, or bloody marys! Who could pass on that?! Oh, and did I mention, brunch is only $12!

We were also told that at night Balu gets pretty crowed! We’re going one night soon to check out the night atmosphere.

In the spring and summer months Balu lines the side walk with tables, so customers can spend their afternoon people watching, eating, drinking, and passing time with their friends.

I’ve decided to make Sunday brunch my new ritual. What’s a better way to end one week and start a new week?? I give Balu 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone exploring Astoria.

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