24 February 2009

My Yorkville neighborhood

I woke up this morning and could not move. Literally, I was aching so bad I could - not - move. It took all my energy and yoga-like breathing to summon the courage to reach two feet to my right to pick up my cell phone and call out of work.

Several hours, and many small movements inching my body to the edge of my bed, later I was able to hobble into the kitchen, make toast and tea, and plop myself on the couch, where I did not move until 2 p.m. At this time, I decided I was well enough to venture outside to do laundry and pick up a copy of my lease at the leasing office on E. 78th Street.

As a woman who does not ingest chemicals (ie - medications) on a daily or even weekly basis, the cough medicine I took hit me good and I found myself wandering aimlessly around my neighborhood - along the East River and through John Jay Park. John Jay Park is, simply, so cool! There is a baseball court, handball courts (which I will use to hit tennis balls) and a pool! There is a cute community pool one block away from my home and I am so excited to hang out there this summer! And there is a gorgeous running path along the East River which runs along the entire length of the river. I can't believe it took getting sick and taking cough suppressant to get me to wander around my neighborhood.

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David said...

I hope you are feeling better!